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The BEESS Portal to Professional Development Alternatives (PDA) offers a variety of online courses for Florida educators that will increase their ability to respond to the needs of students with disabilities. The courses from the PDA site and the PD Portal site have been combined to create a “one-stop” for professional development related to students with disabilities.

The current schedule of facilitated course offerings in FDOE Region 1 can be found under the "CALENDAR" feature of this website.  For other information, please contact MaKeysa Rhymer, Emerald Coast PDA Coordinator,    

Independent Study

Courses that are available 24-7 and open to any Florida-certified educator are found at  Scroll to click on INDEPENDENT STUDY and click the "New User/Register Here" link if it is the first time accessing this system.  Complete Facilitated PDA courses will also be advertised here when registration periods are open.  If no link to facilitated PDA courses appears on this page, it means the courses have already started.  Watch this page for future advertisements for Winter and Spring course offerings.  PLEASE NOTE that not all courses typically offered count for ESE points, and not all typical courses offered are eligible for inservice points.  Review the PDA Portal Catalog document for specific information on course content and point eligibility. 

Independent Study courses are available 24-7 on the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services (BEESS) PD Portal,  Click on the INDEPENDENT STUDY link, complete the demographic information requested, and then the listing of courses available will appear.  Please review the "Independent Study Courses on the BEESS PD Portal to Meet the ESE Requirement" document, in the gray box to the right, to determine which on-demand courses will count toward the requirement for 20 points in methods/strategies for teaching ESE students in every validity period. 


The state offers a schedule of courses each quarter, also through the site under Facilitated Courses.  If there is an orange banner on the facilitated course site, that means there are current statewide offerings for which you are welcome to register.  If no orange banner is present, it means there are no currently offered courses for which registration is being taken.  Please check back at a later date.  

Online Training


Important Information About Independent Study Courses

Anyone completing the BEE Portal Independent Study Courses should be familiar with the following information, excerpted from the PDA Independent Study FAQs.

#11. What are the requirements for earning inservice credits for an independent study course?
If you are seeking inservice credits, you must complete all course requirements listed below:

  • Complete a pre-assessment
  • Review all course content, including additional resources, external links and videos
  • Pass the Check Your Knowledge quizzes
  • Pass the final assessment with 80% accuracy
  • Complete the follow-up activity (when applicable)
  • Upload the Follow-up Activity and Verification Form, signed by your Florida administrator or supervisor who reviewed your completed follow-up activity (If applicable)
  • Complete the satisfaction survey

#12. If I enroll in a course that has a follow-up activity and I am not currently working in the field of education, who can sign the Follow-up Activity and Verification Form?
If you have enrolled in an independent study course with a follow-up activity, it must be reviewed and verified for satisfactory completion by a Florida school district administrator or supervisor in the field of education. FDLRS staff do not review and verify follow-up activities. It is your responsibility, prior to starting a course, to ensure that you have a Florida school district administrator or supervisor who is willing to verify the completion of your follow-up activity. If you do not have one, you may want to register for a different course that does not require an administrator’s verification signature.

#16. How do I get my inservice credits recorded with my school district or private school agency?
For currently employed Florida educators, your local FDLRS PDA coordinator will report course completers on a quarterly basis  (at the end of March, June, September and December) to the school districts in their service region. Verification of completion will be sent to private school agencies upon request. Districts or private school agencies have the option of requiring additional follow-up activities in order to award inservice credits.

#17. How do I get my inservice credits recorded with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)?
Florida school districts or private school agencies with an approved Professional Learning Catalog (formerly MIP) or its equivalent are responsible for reporting inservice credits to FLDOE. FDLRS does not report inservice credits directly to FLDOE.

For further information, download the full PDA Independent Study FAQs.