Serving Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa 

Transition: College, University, and Post-Secondary Options for Students with Disabilities


Planning for life after high school is essential for students with disabilities.  Florida supports post-secondary transition through working with districts and via the Project 10 discretionary project specifically focused on providing districts with post-secondary transition supports and training.  The information contained on this page is an effort to support that work, and to help ensure parents using this site can effectively connect with post-secondary supports. 

To link to the wealth of information on the Project 10 website, click the link above or the  logo below:

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For questions specific to opportunities and processes in your school district, please contact the post-secondary transition specialists noted below:

ESCAMBIA:  Mrs. Kim Norris, knorris@ecsdfl.usOffice:  (850)  941-6071, extension 2.  Cell:  (850) 777-0619.

OKALOOSA:   Mr. Carl Grimes, (850)  833-3100.

SANTA ROSA:  Mrs. Amanda Failing, (850) 983-5150.


Listed below are resource websites to assist with planning.  

Please note:  A listing on this page does not constitute an endorsement of the program.  Parents are encouraged to investigate the opportunities listed here to ensure a good match with student needs.  

UWF ARGOS Autism Program, UWF ARGOS logo

The University of West Florida's Argos Autism Program (AAP) is a Beyond Access service offered by Student Accessibility Resources (SAR) that provides academic, social, life skills, and career planning support to students with autism who attend the University of West Florida. The goal of AAP is to enhance the college experience by providing assistance with making connections on campus and navigating Argo life.

For additional information, please contact SAR at (850) 474-2387 or or stop by the SAR offices in Building 21, Room 110, or visit

Picture of people walking down sidewalk, header is "Florida Shines"


FloridaShines is our state’s Student Hub of Innovative Educational Services, offering an array of FREE online tools and resources designed to help students succeed in school, earn a college degree, and embark on a rewarding career. FloridaShines works with the state's K-12 school districts, public colleges, and universities to develop tools that benefit students, parents, and educators alike.

FloridaShines is provided by the Florida Virtual Campus [FLVC], located at FLVC is funded by the state of Florida, making all of the tools and resources available at no cost to students.

Northwest Florida State College Logo

The Accommodation Resource Center (ARC) at Northwest Florida State College is committed to providing equal access and opportunities for educational success to all students with disabilities as guided by the American Disabilities Act and other disability-related laws.

Northwest Florida State College does not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities in any of our programs, services, or activities based on Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Visit to connect to the Northwest Florida State College website for additional details and contact information.

Pensacola State College Logo

When necessary, course substitutions can be made pursuant to s.1007.264, F.S., and 6A-10.041, F.A.C. Accommodations for the GED and other standardized tests are available.

For more information, please contact Student Support Services at (850) 484-1637 or visit


Florida Center for Students with Unique AbilitiesĀ 

To connect to the Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities, visit the  website to search for postsecondary education programs available to students with intellectual disabilities in Florida.  This site includes videos of programs, along with brief summaries about what each offers.  Sites are marked according to whether or not they are an approved Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition program.  Students who attend a Federally approved Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) may be eligible for Federal financial aid.