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Parent Training Opportunities

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Fridays with FDLRS:  A Parent Webinar Series

October 16:  Accommodations  Instructional practices, assistive and instructional technology, universal design for learning, and several other areas will be explored during this workshop focusing on making accommodations for students with disabilities. Suggestions will be given for in classroom and virtual delivery.

November 20:  Basic Behavior Principles for Success  There are core principles for every behavior management program, whether being implemented in the home or in the school classroom, that should be in place for a successful learning experience. This session will teach parents about those core elements, the balance between consequences and rewards, and ways to address challenging behaviors.

December 18:  Social Skills:  Teaching Replacement Behaviors  In order to develop appropriate social skills in our children, they must be taught. Addressing the principle behind teaching replacement behaviors will be explored in this session to give parents the tools they need to create positive interactions with their children. Steps for guiding children to make good choices will also be examined.  

January 15:  Components of a Quality IEP  From comprehensive present levels of performance to measurable goals and objectives, this session will examine all components of a quality IEP which are necessary for successful instruction and learning. Questions for parents to ask during their child’s IEP meeting will also be explored.

February 19:  Transition for Secondary  This session will be conducted by an expert from Project10 and will focus on transition in the secondary environment. Important topics such as age of majority and post-secondary activities will be explored in addition to the elements of a quality Transition IEP.

March 19:  Technology Tools for Beginners  Time will fly in this session on technology tools for student success!  Our expert presenter will explore instructional and assistive technology tools from the simplest adaptation to a document and assistive technology tools, to available resources free of charge on the web.

April 16:  How Understanding Learning Styles Helps When Parenting  This session will not only explore the benefits of understanding individual learning styles in the classroom, but it will also show how parenting can be enhanced when you understand your child’s perspective on things. Approaches to dealing with challenging behaviors and family dynamics will be discussed.

May 21:  Resources for Parents and Families  This final session will review with parents available state and federal resources that are just a click away. A comprehensive resource database will be discussed, and parents will be given an opportunity to ask for resources in specific areas.


The ORIGINAL FDLRS Parent Webinar Series

The FDLRS Parent Webinar Series was developed based upon the requests from parents throughout the State.  This five-part series provides information to parents regarding Exceptional Student Education.

While the suggested best practice is for a FDLRS specialist to facilitate these webinars with parents/guardians, in order to answer questions and build partnerships amongst district staff and parent/guardians, we do understand that parents/guardians may not always be able to participate at scheduled times and therefore, they may get this valuable information by clicking the links below and listening to the original recordings.

Topic #1:  Understanding the World of ESE (March 2017)

Topic #2:  Understanding the Individual Education Plan (April 2017)

Topic #3:  Instructional Practices (May 2017)

Topic #4:  Connecting Families with Agencies and Other Resources (May 2017)

Topic #5:  Family and School Partnerships (June 2017)


Additional Parent Webinars


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