Face to Face Training


During this time of school closure, FDLRS Emerald Coast is modifying how professional development is delivered.  Watch the Online Training tab for more information on book studies and various mini-courses that we will post on electronic tools you can use to support virtual instruction.  There will be nothing further posted on this sub-page as all events will be virtual, thus posting them on the Online Training tab.  That tab is found just below where you went for this one; click on Educator Resources, then on Online Training.  

Other PD questions? 

Please email any of our staff; if you know to whom your question should be addressed, our email addresses are on the staff contact page, or you may contact lharris@ecsdfl.us.  

An office table sits in the middle of the room surrounded by office chairs. In front is a screen and a projector mounted on the ceiling pointing toward it. To the right of the room is chart paper on a stand. The walls are painted bright green.

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